23-59 Custom Signed SEIKO SKX007/9 CROWN

At 2359 we’re all about top quality upgrades so when a customer asks us to custom sign a crown we don’t look at how cheaply we can do it, we look at how well we can do it. This art work was sent to us just over a week ago and our engraver carefully set up and absolutely nailed the result! I watched him today as he hand engraved an exchange crown that another customer had sent in and it was a real joy to watch him work and witness the pride he takes in each and every item he deep engraves for us. These signed crowns may not be cheap but you really do get exactly what you pay for. The image above was taken with a Nikon D700 full-frame DSLR and 105mm f=2.8 Macro-Nikkor close-up lens at f=22. At this magnification you can see every intricate detail of just how good our hand deep engraving process really is. Click on the image for a full size hi-res version. Please note that this particular artwork is similar to the symbol used by Dagaz and out of respect to Jake we would direct any future enquiries to him directly.

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