23-59 Foxtrot-Zulu G10, JaysandKays Adapters & A Casio GW-9400-1-ER Rangeman

I’ve personally found the OEM resin strap on the Rangeman to be a tad bulky and not entirely comfortable on my middle of the road sized 7.5 inch wrist. It seemed to cause the watch to always sit over slightly to one side and having to constantly adjust it was tiresome at best, so what to do?

After a bit of research on the interweb (as Terry Wogan liked to call it) I decided a G10 strap would be the way to go. A couple of companies produce adapters that allow this strap to be used with a Rangeman but I finally settled on a set by US company JaysandKays. These adapters are made from a similar resin to that of the OEM band and as such are flexible and don’t seem to cause any undue stress on the Rangeman’s plastic lugs, a complaint that had been made against certain metal adapters marketed for the same purpose. One thing I really like about these adapters is that with wrists of my size or smaller you’re going to get a fair bit of spare strap to deal with once you’ve buckled up. With these (see the pic below) the tail end tucks nicely into one of the adapters keeping it perfectly in place and giving a neat and tidy look that will please the anal retentively challenged, such as myself..

Finally to choose the G10 strap. Fortunately, this wasn’t difficult. I like black straps on black watches but I also like those straps to look a tad worn. I also prefer a shade of black but not always pitch black. The new Foxtrot-Zulu straps gave me 3 different blacks to choose from and the mid-black was absolutely spot on! The adapters are designed for a 24mm width and I’d say that’s just right as the Rangeman is a big watch at 53mm and needs a reasonable width on the strap to provide the right kind of feel and stability. With the adapters and a Foxtrot-Zulu in place this watch has now been transformed from something a bit bulky and a little uncomfortable to something smaller, lighter, better looking and VERY comfortable. It’s now very much a keeper!

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