23-59 Is Now Fully SSL Certified & As Fast As A Fast Thing!

SSL was a step we didn’t really need to make and yet one we felt we had to make. Let me explain: 23-59 doesn’t actually take any payments on site, instead utilising Paypal’s secure transfer and payment system, so once you’ve provided us with the same details most forums would ask for (name, email, address) you’re then transferred over to Paypal to make a secure payment. In practical terms that means 23-59 doesn’t need SSL encryption.

However, we take security very seriously and we take the feelings of our customers very seriously. In recent times Google Chrome and several of the main browsers have chosen to indicate whether a site is running SSL via https:// or not. If it’s not running SSL the browser shows that by displaying a red padlock icon in the URL address bar or sometimes just states that the site is not secure. What it doesn’t indicate is whether a site actually needs to be “secure”, often causing customers to potentially conclude that a site not running an SSL certificate could could be dangerous. Whilst generally that’s simply not the case, 23-59 has chosen to become fully SSL Certified and operate entirely via a secure https:// connection to the server, thus providing complete peace of mind for anyone using the site.

You may also have noticed a few server errors and site outages over the last few days. The reason for this has been a sharp increase in traffic to the site, so much so that the server that once served us well could no longer handle the number of simultaneous connections. We’ve now moved the site to a much newer server that should be able to cope with the kind of traffic and popularity 23-59 is now enjoying. I’d like to thank everyone for their patience during this last week and hope you can now enjoy using a site that is now much faster and completely secure. If you’d like to see the site’s proof of SSL Certification please just click on the “Verified & Secured” banner at the bottom left of every page.

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