ABOUT 23-59

Many of you will know me from various forums, especially SCWF, which is kind of my “home forum”, as well as my watches and photography blog: THIRTYFIVEMILL. Everything I do with regard to watches is purely motivated by my passion for them. When I want to get rich this hobby is not where I’ll look!

I’m a watch and long time Seiko enthusiast. 2359 offers accessories and modifications not already available and generally deal with more “higher end”, quality mods, for want of a better expression. I like to subtly modify my watches, bringing them up to the standard I personally want and require, while not completely changing the watch itself. I plan to put together some watches like the ones shown on the blog and offer a one-stop shop where those mods and upgrades can be simply and easily purchased. I also plan put together some watches that can be purchased already completed and offer a service whereby enthusiasts can send in their watches to have the modifications done for them.

Whenever I mod or upgrade my watches I personally use nothing but the best parts available, always OEM or NOS whenever possible and that will always be my goal when producing mods and upgrades for 23-59. That means we won’t often be the cheapest but we will have the kind of quality that people like myself are looking for.

What is 2359?

2359 is an online retailer of accessories for watches and EDC (every day carry) as well as a custom engraving service. Not only do we supply clasps and crowns etc.. we will also engrave them for you with the text of your choice.

And The “Seiko” Engravings?

2359 is not affiliated with Seiko, it’s subsidiaries or any other company. You’ll notice, however, that some of the bracelets, clasps and products we list do carry the “Seiko” engraving. As a company, we (2359) contacted Seiko and were granted express permission to do so. None of our custom products that carry the Seiko engraving, however, are Seiko OEM products and none of our products can be sent to Seiko for repair. Any required repairs or warranties are the sole responsibility of 2359.

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