Customer Feedback

Occasionally customers are kind enough to send us some feedback regarding the products and service they’ve received from 2359. We’re proud of how we run our business and with gratitude I’ll post those comments here.

Working in a service lead industry where customers demand and expect the highest service, it was a huge pleasure to find a company whose own service I found exemplary! 
I stumbled across 23-59 by chance and was immediately struck by the professional design of the website and it’s stylishness. 
On it I found some fantastic photographs of Seiko watches and custom parts that will wow you and have you reaching for your wallet!
This is what happened to me and several hundred pounds lighter in the wallet I can lay testament to what fantastic service and products Duncan and  23-59 provide!
Simon Jones (09/02/17)

Nice addition to my SKX baby tuna, super quality, great depth of engraving and super fast delivery. Great product from 23-59 thanks Duncan!
David Braybrook (10/02/17) (Seiko Mods Facebook Forum)

I really enjoy wearing the 22mm Shark mesh bracelets on my TST’s and other Seiko’s with 22mm between the lugs but I have always wanted to find a good signed clasp but never found one until now.
As soon as I saw them I wanted one. The order process was easy, delivery was VERY quick and Duncan was a pleasure to deal with. Duncan, you can be certain I will return for something else!
John aka TheTigerUK (13/02/17)