Where Do You Ship & What Will I Pay For Shipping?

We ship worldwide. Shipping, both domestic and international, is free of charge.

Where Is 23-59 Based?

23-59 is based in Surrey, close to London, United Kingdom.

Why Are Your Prices In USDs?

Over 90% of our orders ship outside of the UK so to make things as easy as possible for the majority of our customers we decided to trade in dollars. For your convenience, however, you’ll find a live currency converter on every listing which will give you real time conversions to virtually any worldwide currency.

Do You Also Sell On eBay?

Yes, we do. Our listings can be found here.

Are You Allowed To Engrave “Seiko” On Your Products?

Yes. We have been given permission by Seiko to engrave their name on our products. However, it must be understood that we are not associated with Seiko or any of it’s companies and Seiko will not accept any of our aftermarket products for service and/or repair.

Can You Engrave Any Company Logo On Your Products?

No. We can only engrave a trademarked logo if we either have permission to do so or the person requesting the engraving owns the logo in question or has the authority to grant the permission required to reproduce it.

Do You Do All Your Own Photography For The Site?

Yes. Since our products are all unique there are no stock images to use so we photograph everything ourselves.

Are The Images & Content On This Site Copyrighted?


Can I Send An Item To You To Be Engraved?

Yes. Just contact us to discuss and arrange.

Are 23-59 Crowns Original “Seiko OEM” Products?

YES, unless stated otherwise. Only special or vintage crowns may be after-market but that will be clearly stated in the description. If it’s not you can be sure the crown you’ll receive is OEM.

When I Order How Quickly Will You Ship?

Generally we’ll ship your order the same day. If you’ve ordered late (GMT time) then it will ship the following day. Should a product have slipped out of stock you will be notified and offered a refund. From time to time a spate of orders for the same product come in quick succession which can cause that product to go out of stock without us having the chance to change the stock status of that product. Please be patient with us on the odd occasion when this happens.

Are You Able To Teleport My Order To Me?

No, unfortunately not, so please be patient whilst your domestic postal service processes your delivery. We have zero control over the enthusiasm or competency of worldwide postal companies or customs departments.

Is Your Site Secure?

Yes! Please read this.

How Will My Items Be Packaged?

Securely! Please read this.

Do You Have An Ethical Trading Policy?

Yes we do! Please read here.

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