In Store Next Week – 23-59 “FOXTROT-ZULU” Hand Faded Military Nylon Straps

These are the highest grade Zulu straps available but with a very unique difference. These Zulus are all hand faded for that worn look we all love. Most of us appreciate the feel of a brand new Zulu strap but we also know that after a couple of seasons of hard use in the water and sun the colours will fade and look many times better than when new. The only slight problem is that nylon straps age from use and just as they look their very best it’s soon time to replace them. To solve this issue 2359 has found a rather laborious but effective way of hand fading these straps to that “2 year” look whilst still delivering you a brand new strap. We treat each strap several times at differing temperatures until the desired colour has been achieved. They are then washed, dried and waterproofed. The entire process takes several hours but the result is a stunning, faded/worn looking strap. I’ve always like Zulus on my watches but have rarely liked the look of a new strap on my wrist and often wore nicely faded ones longer than I ought, simply because they looked so cool. Now I can have the look I want from day one and because these are hand faded, no two straps look exactly the same. Available to purchase from the store early next week.

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