Initial Thoughts – Seiko SLA017 (62MAS Re-Issue) – Will We Pay Through The Nose For One?

So the Seiko SLA017 (62MAS Re-Issue) has finally been officially announced with pricing set at 3800 Euros or $4095 USDs. So who will be running to put their name down with their local AD and what will you be getting for your money? Well, it’s obviously being marketed as an “historical” edition and appears to be limited to 2000 pieces. That’s certainly a limited edition but some will argue it’s not very limited, all things considered.
The good news is that Seiko appear to have been faithful to the original design and unlike recent re-issues like the Omega PloProf 600m it’s not been “modernised” or “dolled up”. The dial is certainly a thing of beauty and the bezel looks spot on but at the end of the day it’s still a 200m rated diver with an 8L35 movement. Now that basic Grand Seiko movement is highly respected and not to be smirked at but it’s the same movement found in the SBDX001 MM300 and it’s various later incarnations which currently sell for $1800 and is 300m rated. The SLA017 also appears to be rubber strap only so we’re not even getting a bracelet with it. If the case and lugs are identical to the vintage 6217-8000/1 that the SLA017 pays homage to then hopefully it will be possible to fit a bracelet with aftermarket 6217 end links but at $4095 I wouldn’t really have expected to have to lay out a further $150-200 on a bracelet.
As nice as this watch appears to be it seems a bit sad that most of those who’ve eagerly awaited it’s arrival will be well and truly priced out of purchasing one.

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