Seiko 62MAS Re-Issue Set To Be Announced Today But Will It Better The MWW Homage?

One of the most anticipated watches of recent times is the long rumoured Seiko 62MAS re-issue, due to be officially announced at BaselWorld 2017 today. Many collectors are “collectively” holding their breath, nervously awaiting the price of this curious timepiece which yesterday was rumoured to be around 3800 Euros. At today’s exchange rate would equate to $4095 USD or £3285 GBP. One small independent company, MWW (Manchester Watch Works), will be watching on with particular interest as their 62MAS homage is soon due to be released and with a price tag in the hundreds of dollars (as opposed to the thousands) and a render that suggests it’s going to be a pretty decent replica of the real thing, could find themselves quite popular with collectors and users priced out of the Seiko re-issue.

BaselWorld 2017 – Oris Chronoris Date

Every company and their dog are currently releasing retro re-issues so why shouldn’t Oris get in on the act? I do like this one, too. From Hodinkee: The Chronoris Date is a modern version of the vintage watch, of the same name, released by Oris 47 years ago. The Chronoris was first introduced in 1970 and was a stop-seconds chronograph, not to mention the first chronograph for the Swiss maker. The name, as you might have guessed, is a combination of the words chronograph and Oris, and the last Chronoris was released in 2005, so it has been a little while.

The most exciting thing about this watch is the inner rotating bezel timer (in silver) that is turned via the crown four o’clock. The movement is the Oris automatic caliber 733, which is based on the Selita SW 200-1. Notice this isn’t a stop-seconds chronograph, but rather a time-and-date model that can use the inner bezel for timing events. $1,750 on the straps and $1,950 on the steel bracelet. Read on.

BaselWorld 2017 – Seiko 62MAS Re-Issue Video Surfaces

BaselWorld 2017 – Rolex Release New YachtMaster II

BaselWorld 2017 – Blancpain Fifty Fathoms MIL-SPEC

Now this is one I would consider buying. Strangely, I’ve never been a fan of the vintage versions if these but this re-issue is a stunner. From TimeZoneThe “Tribute to Fifty Fathoms MIL-SPEC” is fitted with Blancpain’s in-house automatic winding caliber 1151, comprising 210 components including two series-coupled mainspring barrels and offering a four-day power reserve. Nestled into its stainless steel 40mm case, the movement as well as its solid gold winding rotor with a NAC coating (a platinum alloy) and Blancpain logo, are visible through the clear sapphire case back. The balance-spring is in silicon, a material that offers many advantages. Firstly, its low density makes it lighter and thus more shock-resistant. In addition, it is impervious to magnetic fields. The resulting balance spring is ideally shaped, thereby ensuring improved isochronism performance of the movement, resulting in enhanced timekeeping precision. Read on.

First Seiko 62MAS Re-Issue Images Emerging From BaselWorld 2017

James Dowling just posted this one on Twitter and whilst he probably won’t be looking at a career as a photographer any time soon I’m sure we’ll have a constant trickle of images being posted throughout the next couple of days. Couple more pics posted here.

BaselWorld 2017 – Rolex Releases The Much Rumoured RED SeaDweller With Cyclops!

Citizen Introduces Eco-Drive Professional 1000M Ref. BN7020-09 – 1st Solar Powered 1000M Diver

Citizen is one of the leading manufacturers of light-powered quartz watches. Its Eco-Drive system was revolutionary when it debuted in 1995 – for the first time, solar powered watches had been made in which the solar cells could be hidden behind the dial, and thus be virtually invisible. The advantages are obvious: a watch whose design aesthetics and legibility aren’t compromised, that doesn’t have a battery to go flat. One of the most practical uses of such a system is in tool watches, and with the introduction of the Eco-Drive Professional Diver 1,000M, Citizen’s made a light-powered dive watch with the most extreme depth rating yet.

Price at launch will be circa $2,300 and you can expect to see them become available this summer. Movement, Eco-Drive caliber J210; rated accuracy ±15 seconds per month. Case: “Super Titanium” 1,000 meters water resistant, with helium escape valve. About 52.5mm x 21.4mm. Read on.

Casio Introduce Connected Engine Module & 10 New Watch Models @ BASELWORLD 2017

From the press releaseCasio Computer Co., Ltd. is proud to exhibit at Baselworld. Once again this year, we present to the world the ground-breaking ideas of the brightest minds in our timepiece business and the great products that these ideas have brought to the global market.

In 1974, Casio entered the watch market with the CASIOTRON, the world’s first watch with an automatic calendar. Our commitment to creating timepieces that automatically and accurately tell the time and date—and never stop—is alive and well today.

Casio welcomed 2017 with a new focus on developing watches that will set the standard for next-generation timekeeping. Driven by our new development concept, “Casio Connected,” we are finding innovative ways to enhance the essential function of our watches—to keep accurate time anywhere and in any environment—while also delivering entirely new benefits for users.

At Baselworld 2017, we are showcasing G-SHOCK and OCEANUS watches equipped with our newly developed Connected Engine 3-Way module, which always keeps accurate time anywhere in the world. The module provides three-way time sync system and also automatically updates the watch’s internal data on daylight savings time (DST) and time zones from a smartphone. Our goal has been to create fully automatic timepieces that are optimised for today’s global era. We continue to develop leading-edge technologies to achieve this goal—performing the intrinsic watch function of always keeping accurate time anywhere in the world, by self-updating, self-adjusting, and self-charging. 

Also on display from Casio is a wide range of distinctive new models in our EDIFICE, PRO TREK, BABY-G and SHEEN brands. We will feature Casio premium timepieces that exemplify Japanese craftsmanship and quality by combining the latest technologies with outstanding design.

GraverHK’s Full Case (& Bracelet) Engraving

I have to say I’m on the fence on this one. With a price tag of $230 for a fully engraved case this would seem to be a good value mod but I can’t help but feel it looks a tad out of place on a watch. Maybe my love of old English side-by-side shotguns is addling my mind before it can reach and truly appreciates this mod but.. Maybe it’s because this type of engraving is generally associated with antique items and the watch in the picture is far from vintage. I’m not sure but I am sure many will like this and just as many loathe it but hey, that’s watches for ya! More pics and info on GraverHK’s Instagram account.

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