Better Video Emerging From BaselWorld 2017 – Seiko SLA017 62MAS Re-Issue & Hi-Beat Divers

Watch Critics have posted some much better video of the new Seiko SLA017 62MAS re-issue and Professional 600m Hi-Beat Divers SBGH255 & SBGH257.

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Seiko SLA017 A Tad Steep? Maybe The New SPB051 Or SPB053 Might Soothe The Pain

If the SLA017 price had you reaching for a bottle of anti-depressants maybe one of these two might improve your mood. These more reasonably priced “proletariat” versions are also in steel with 200m ratings and a hardened coating. Case dimensions are a slightly less “faithful” 42.6mm x 13.8mm. Inside ticks Seiko’s workhorse caliber 6R15 at 21,600 vph, a 50 hour power reserve and antimagnetic to 4,800 A/m (amperes per meter). Pricing is slightly less bottom clenching €1,100 (circa $1186 USD) for SPB051 and €900 ($971) for the SPB053 with rubber strap only.

Personally I change the hands to something closer to the originals or maybe source a set of SLA017 re-issue hands. Once done, if you can live with a totally redundant “X” in the middle of your dial, you’d have a very decent looking watch for a quarter of the price of the true re-issue.

BaselWorld 2017 – Grand Seiko Hi-Beat Professional Divers 600m SBGH255 & SBGH257

With all the fervour surround the Seiko 62MAS re-issue, many have completely missed what I think is an even more interesting release, especially for dive watch enthusiasts, although get ready to gulp at the price again.. From Seiko’s press release:
For many years, the Grand Seiko Diver’s watches have been in great demand from recreational divers. Today, the meticulous standards of Grand Seiko are expressed in a professional diver’s watch for the first time. With a titanium case, an exclusive 9S hi-beat caliber and exceptional anti-magnetism, this new creation, with the Grand Seiko logo at the twelve o’clock position, pushes back the boundaries and takes Grand Seiko into an entirely new realm.

All the characteristics of Grand Seiko are here. Outstanding precision of -3 to +5 seconds a day, superb legibility, high durability, thanks to the high-intensity titanium case and bracelet and the distinctive clean edges that only Zaratsu polishing can achieve. This is unmistakably a Grand Seiko and yet no compromise is made in satisfying the needs of the professional diver. The case is designed for saturation diving, with the valve-free helium resistance that results from Seiko’s innovative technologies, including the heavy duty construction and the L-shaped gasket. The grooves on the rotating bezel are extended for secure use, even with thick gloves. The bracelet has a sliding extension setting to accommodate pressure changes. Even the dial is purpose built for this specialist use. It is made of iron to protect the movement from the harmful effects of magnetism and delivers magnetic resistance of 16,000 A/m. The whole watch and all its components are built for long-term use; the case, stem and crown are designed for secure servicing and even the bezel has a four-part design that makes for easy disassembly and re-assembly.

The Grand Seiko Hi-Beat 36000 Professional 600m Diver’s is offered in two variations. The first is a limited edition that is offered with an extra-strength silicone strap alongside the high-intensity titanium bracelet. The strap is in the deep Grand Seiko blue to match the dial. Just five hundred of this limited edition will be made. The second version has a black dial and will be a permanent part of the Grand Seiko collection. Both versions will be available from August 2017.

Caliber 9S85
Driving system: Automatic
Vibrations: 36,000 vibrations per hour (10 beats per second)
Accuracy: -3 to +5 seconds (when static)
Power reserve: 55 hours
Number of jewels: 37
High-intensity titanium case and bracelet
Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating
Screw case back. Screw down crown
Water resistance: 600m for saturation diving
Magnetic resistance: 16,000 A/m
Diameter: 46.9mm, Thickness: 17.0mm
Three-fold clasp with push button release, secure lock and slide adjuster
An extra-strength silicone strap is attached to the limited edition (SBGH257)
Approximate recommended retail prices in Europe: 12,100 Euro (SBGH255), 12,300 Euro (SBGH257)
Limited edition of 500 pcs (SBGH257)

Initial Thoughts – Seiko SLA017 (62MAS Re-Issue) – Will We Pay Through The Nose For One?

So the Seiko SLA017 (62MAS Re-Issue) has finally been officially announced with pricing set at 3800 Euros or $4095 USDs. So who will be running to put their name down with their local AD and what will you be getting for your money? Well, it’s obviously being marketed as an “historical” edition and appears to be limited to 2000 pieces. That’s certainly a limited edition but some will argue it’s not very limited, all things considered.
The good news is that Seiko appear to have been faithful to the original design and unlike recent re-issues like the Omega PloProf 600m it’s not been “modernised” or “dolled up”. The dial is certainly a thing of beauty and the bezel looks spot on but at the end of the day it’s still a 200m rated diver with an 8L35 movement. Now that basic Grand Seiko movement is highly respected and not to be smirked at but it’s the same movement found in the SBDX001 MM300 and it’s various later incarnations which currently sell for $1800 and is 300m rated. The SLA017 also appears to be rubber strap only so we’re not even getting a bracelet with it. If the case and lugs are identical to the vintage 6217-8000/1 that the SLA017 pays homage to then hopefully it will be possible to fit a bracelet with aftermarket 6217 end links but at $4095 I wouldn’t really have expected to have to lay out a further $150-200 on a bracelet.
As nice as this watch appears to be it seems a bit sad that most of those who’ve eagerly awaited it’s arrival will be well and truly priced out of purchasing one.

Seiko SLA017 (62MAS Re-Issue) Confirmed @ 3800 Euros ($4095)

Reports coming out of BaselWorld 2017 this morning appear to confirm that the Seiko SLA017 (62MAS Re-Issue) will indeed be an excruciating 3800 Euros or $4095 USDs. Specs: (39.9mm diameter x 14.1mm height, 8L35 movement and sapphire glass)

First Official Images Emerging Of The Seiko SLA017 (62MAS Re-Issue) (P3)

First Official Images Emerging Of The Seiko SLA017 (62MAS Re-Issue) (P2)

First Official Images Emerging Of The Seiko SLA017 (62MAS Re-Issue) (P1)

Seiko 62MAS Re-Issue Set To Be Announced Today But Will It Better The MWW Homage?

One of the most anticipated watches of recent times is the long rumoured Seiko 62MAS re-issue, due to be officially announced at BaselWorld 2017 today. Many collectors are “collectively” holding their breath, nervously awaiting the price of this curious timepiece which yesterday was rumoured to be around 3800 Euros. At today’s exchange rate would equate to $4095 USD or £3285 GBP. One small independent company, MWW (Manchester Watch Works), will be watching on with particular interest as their 62MAS homage is soon due to be released and with a price tag in the hundreds of dollars (as opposed to the thousands) and a render that suggests it’s going to be a pretty decent replica of the real thing, could find themselves quite popular with collectors and users priced out of the Seiko re-issue.

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