These are high quality 3 ring and 5 ring nylon military-type straps that have been hand faded (hence the “F” for “Faded” = Foxtrot). These are not mass produce straps but instead are hand-faded to produce a truly unique and interesting finish. I personally don’t like the look of a brand new strap but by the time a nylon strap looks “spot on” aesthetically it’s normally time to throw it away. These straps are brand new but faded to look like they’ve already been used for a couple of seasons for the best of both worlds. We use only the absolute top grade straps as the base for these, as we do with every product at 2359. PLEASE CHECK THE TITLE OF THE LISTING TO ENSURE YOU’RE PURCHASING THE CORRECT SIZE STRAP FOR YOUR WATCH.

Because these straps are not mass produced and each strap fades slightly differently they are sold individually. You’re not just ordering a strap that’s similar to the one in the pictures, you’re ordering the exact strap pictured. We’ll be producing a batch of these every few weeks and they’ll be sold on a “first come, first served” basis. Some colours and sizes will be more popular than other and whilst we’ll try to keep up with demand some colours and sizes may sell out much quicker than others so keep visiting the page to see when newly finished straps land. 

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