23-59 SEIKO SKX007/9 Signed Crown With Separate DOUBLE SEAL Stem (for movement transplants)


This is a standard SKX007/9 crown with a detachable new DOUBLE SEAL stem. (note – these are new and updated stems with double rubber seals, of extremely high quality). If you’re going to place a different movement in your SKX (like a 4R36 or NH35) then the standard stem will not be long enough so you’ll need a crown that can be unscrewed and the stem replaced. This is it and like every 23-59 crown it’s diamond engraved with the Seiko “S”. These particular crowns are one of the only ones we sell that are not SEIKO OEM. Seiko does not make these particular kind of crowns with detachable stem for the SKX range so the only option is after-market.

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