This is a 4mm thick, ultra high quality high domed sapphire crystal with mid-blue under-coated anti-reflective coating. Choosing the right sapphire crystal is vital as it will change the entire look and feel of your watch. The coating on this crystal is a mid-blue with slightly more green and less red in the RGB colour scale, giving it a slightly colder, steel blue than many of the crystals on the market. Most other crystals have a lot of red in the blue coating making them too warm and slightly garish. The blue can also be too much and rather “in your face”, for want of a better expression. The lighter, more subtle blue of this crystal is less noticeable and whilst it works beautifully on a new watch without totally changing the colour of the dial, it also works very well with vintage watches where you do want some anti-reflective coating but not a deep colour that fights and clashes with the creamy lume of the vintage indices, making them appear “dirty” and unpleasant.

The 23-59 crystals are instead designed to allow the natural colour of the dial and lume to come through the glass whilst providing a subtle and pleasing blue hue that gives just the right amount of anti-reflection required to read the dial at most angles, even on a sunny day.

I’ve also found 4mm to be the optimal thickness for these crystals. The domed crystals, IMO, are the right ones for a diver or sports watch but the dome should not be so pronounced that it towers up from the level of the bezel. If it sits above the bezel it will ride unprotected and be susceptible to scratching and strikes whilst diving and even during everyday wear. This 4mm crystal will sit pretty much level with the bezel whilst still giving that lovely domed look that so many of us really like.

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