This is one of our premium mesh bracelets, solid as they come with a high quality clasp, deep engraved with the text of your choice. It has 4 removable sections to allow you to shorten or lengthen the mesh without needing to cut it. If you’d rather not take pliers or a Dremel to your bracelet then this one would be your obvious choice. Please attach a note with your payment to let us know what text you would like engraved. If no custom instructions are received you’ll receive one with the same engraving shown in the pictures.

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NB The item pictured belongs to me and is only shown here for illustration purposes. During checkout you will find a small text box which you should use to let me know exactly what text you would like engraved on your item. If you don’t see the text box or miss it, don’t worry, just send me a message after you’ve completed your payment.

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