TST Mod + Signed Crown Package – Seiko SRP77X, SKX007/9 or 6309-704x.


Not currently available due to exchange rates.

This package deal includes a full TST shroud mod by John Bentley (TigerUK) and a 23-59 Seiko OEM signed crown. This mod is currently available for Seiko SRP77X, SKX007/9, 7548s,7C43-7000, 7002 or 6309-704x/6309-729x cases. If you have another watch you’d like to mod then please let me know and I’ll try to help. Together these would normally cost $250 + $79 = $329 plus shipping so this package saves you $20.

You supply the watch, John will modify it and I will supply him with the signed crown to install simultaneously. Please feel free to contact me if you require more details or take a look at John’s TST FAQ.

Once you’ve purchased this mod package I will contact you with further details and to arrange for you to ship the watch to me.

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This package is not subject to any sales or discounts we may run as this is as bare bones cheap as we can make it already. 

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